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About Me

Amr Bedir

Programmer, Web Developer

I'M Amr Bedir, Egyptian Nationality, Programmer & Web Developer, Computer Science Student at Mansoura University, have certified certificates from Google, Microsoft, Current Step is Reader, Next Step Leader.


Python, Angular 9


Web Design

Front-end (UI/UX) and web pages design.

Website Development

Full-Stack Development, Develop web pages professionally.

Apps Programming

Building Apps that work on both the (Android) and (iOS) environments.

Digital Marketing

Marketing and managing content on Social Media platforms, SEO.


Andrea Cafe Website


Project URL: Click here

Dweebland links Shortner

Project completion time:  2 Days
Completion Date: 05/Sep/2022 
Project URL: Click here

DweebLand Website


Amr Bedir Official Website

Amr Bedir Official Website

Project completion time:  3 Weeks

Completion Date: 03/August/2022

Project URL: Click here

QR Code Generator (Training example)

Amr Bedir Official Website

Project completion time:  1 Day

Completion Date: 25/November/2021

Project URL: Click here

Sahara Site (Test Design)

Amr Bedir Official Website

  • Project completion time: Just an hour and a half
  • Completion Date: 01/04/2021
  • Project URL: Click here

Dubai Future Foundation (AREA 2071)


Amr Bedir Official Website

Corona Virus (COVID-19) live Database

Amr Bedir Official Website

,Development of a complete and direct database of Coronavirus Covid-19

  • Project completion time: 5 days intermittent work
  • Completion Date: 05/10/2020
  • Project price: 30 USD
  • Project URL: Click here

You can follow the latest developments about the Corona virus via these links:

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